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Headshot Spotlight

Updated: Apr 17

April 18, 2024

This is GG, grandmother to a little model who came in for pictures to boost his portfolio. I had advertised for models for Valentine’s Day, and GG brought in her grandson and obliged me with some shots with flowers.

Then I asked her if she wanted some headshots…

I fell in love with her!

She didn’t take herself seriously and was full of good humor and interesting stories! She was so easy to photograph because she was so natural. She didn’t come to me for headshots, but they came out great!

I hope you enjoy getting to know a little more about the person behind the picture!


April 3, 2024

This is Miss Rosie. She is an only child, and her mother (my niece, who I love more than anything) wanted some pictures of her while she was still a puppy.

She was worried that Rosie would be a handful, so we left a lot of time to run around and play before we needed to get to work! We tired her out, and she had a lot of time to get used to me before we started shooting.

When shooting animals and babies and young children, it is really important to leave a lot of extra time so that your subject is 1) agreeably tired, 2) very comfortable with you and the surroundings, whether it is a studio or outside, and 3) up to speed with what you are going to do which includes showing them the lights that will be flashing, teaching a dog to “look” (or failing that, to at least look when the photographer starts barking and making silly loud noises.)

Rosie was a pro, and showed off both her diva and her soulful side in these photos!! I hope you enjoy getting to know a little more about the process behind the picture.


March 20, 2024

This is John Patti, retired 40 year veteran WBAL radio reporter and anchor.

He answered my ad in Backstage - I was looking for interesting models - all types, ages, genders, etc - and he applied. I asked people to submit a cell phone shot and I offered them use of all of the pictures I edited if selected.

I liked his face - it seemed expressive and kind, so I asked him to come into my studio…

I was thrilled with our session — John is a really interesting gentleman, and we breezed through an hour and many changes of clothes and attitudes and it felt like 5 minutes. When I asked him why he applied, he told me that he isn’t sure what to do with himself now that he retired and is always looking for something interesting - he said maybe he might want to act, so he figured he could use some headshots.

It was a great afternoon for me!

I hope you enjoy getting to know a little more about the person behind the picture!


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