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Robin Davis Miller

With years of experience in photography, Thousand Word Photos is dedicated to creating timeless images with a personal touch that are both aesthetically pleasing and authentic. Robin strives to capture the true essence of every individual, no matter the age, background, or experience. As a lawyer, educator, and mother of four humans and two dogs, Robin has the expertise and experience to create meaningful and beautiful photos that tell a story. From the moment you walk into her studio, she makes sure you feel comfortable and at ease;  her clients uniformly state that the whole process is upbeat, fun, and a very enjoyable experience! 

Robin Davis Miller in Baltimore Maryland of Thousand Word Photos

The Studio

The studio is located in the Bare Hills neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland, and is easily accessible from Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Delaware. When it comes to photographs, every detail counts, which is why Robin designed the studio to be warm and inviting, making every client feel at home as soon as they walk in. The studio is set up with six shooting areas, a large changing room, two large bathrooms, and a  homey seating area with room to work and play. With a large comfortable and aesthetically pleasing space, she is confident that you'll enjoy spending time there as she captures memories that will last a lifetime. 

Robin feels that the best way to capture a thousand words in a photograph is to have fun, be yourself, and be creative. You can view the canvas-wrapped galleries of Robin’s creations and provide inspiration for your own session with her.  Then head over to the closets to choose from a large variety of costumes and props for all ages and sizes. You can schedule a consultation to capture your most memorable moments in a fun and unique way!

The Process

Some Questions

Favorite styles?

What do you like the best about your appearance?

Is there anything about your appearance that you would like me to fix?

What kind of music, if any, makes you feel relaxed? Happy? Creative?

What do you want people to say when they see your pictures?

Any kind of snacks or drinks you want me to have in the studio when you come in for your shoot?

What you liked and disliked when you have had pictures taken in the past?

1. Initial Consultation

Having a conversation before we begin shooting is important to make sure there is a match in goals, personality, and expectations. Robin is best able to capture the whole person in the form that best suits what they are looking for when she knows who she is working with. We'll discuss what aspects of your appearance you are happy with, and what you might want to minimize before we begin shooting, to ensure that you are thrilled with the final product. 

2. Shoot Prep

Before you come into the studio, we’ll discuss details such as props, costumes, and backgrounds. Robin’s closet is diverse in sizing, creativity, and style; she has many props for both children and adults. She is happy to shoot in her studio or on location at places including local parks, Penn Station, Graffiti Warehouse, and your backyard. Together we will come up with a plan that best allows us to capture the real you!

3. Photo Shoot

The official studio is located in Baltimore, Maryland at 1425 Clarksview Rd, Suite 300. For special occasions and senior portraits, Robin offers a variety of additional locations. Robin will send you an arrival time and spend quality time with you to make sure you get a product you love.

4. Previews

Once initial edits are processed, you will meet with Robin to view your gallery of edited pictures on a large computer screen that will show you exactly how the images will look when printed by a high quality print shop (Robin has several favorites that she uses.) You will then pick what images you want and how you want them printed (we will sell you the hi-res digital image, but don't like to do that because we don't want your pictures to live on a computer disk. we want them on your wall where you can enjoy them for years to come!

The many faces and looks of a model during a one hour photo shoot.

5. Final Product Delivery

Robin will then send you the photos of your choice in the format that you prefer, to allow you to enjoy them for as long as you love them! When you’re ready for the next session, just reach out! 

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